For starters, Don't panic over the curling.  
There is a way to curl almost any type or length of hair.

Girls in curled hair should have a small ponytail right on the top of their head that includes the hair from the front and sides.  The hair in the back hangs down.  They will wear a headband in front of the pony and a scrunchie on the pony. 

Once the pony tail is made, curl the pony tail and the whole head, right up to the scalp, using end wrappers if possible, and gel.  Don't curl the hair while wet.  Apply the gel to the dry (not freshly washed) hair, and don't over-do it as it may not dry all the way. 

Sleep in a hairnet, bandana or some other comfy head wrap and the curlers will be easier to take out. 

After unrolling, split the curls with your fingers and use a stiff hair spray to hold in place.  Spray from underneath as well as on top. 

Soft Spikes curlers make a nice tight ringlet and work well on long or short hair.  They are available at many feisenna as well as on line as  Available at many dance sites.

Long hair needs to be curled in smaller sections. 

Curled hair needs to curl right up to the scalp...not just on the ends.  We have seen every hair type get a good curl so keep on trying! 

Welcome to the CURL PAGE! 
All you need to know to achieve "the look" for hair in Irish Dance.
         WIGS                                                CURLS             
The standard for Oireachtas, team dances and performances is our school-approved wig.  

Dancers 5-6 yrs old: The Emma Wig

Dancers 6-10 (depending on size of child): Mairead Wig

Dancers Over 10: Katie K Wig

Older Champion Dancers: Kate Wig

Please check with Clare before you buy this wig. 

Group Order for Oireachtas 2008: 
Click Here for the 4 Irish Dancers Website:

Dancers competing in Novice and above must have wigs.

Not every dancer needs to have a wig.  No matter your age. 
Most of our beginners and many of the dancers who do not chose to compete regularly choose to curl their hair for events like the St. Patricks Day Parade, Spring Performances or small performances such as at your own school or church. 

How to curl hair yourself: 
Some Wigged out dancers at the Oireachtas (below)