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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are classes held?
What is the class schedule?
What is the cost of lessons?
What if I have to miss a class?
Weather cancellation policy.
What should I wear to class?
Do I need special shoes?
How old should dancers be?
Are there any performances?
Do I HAVE to buy a costume?
When can I start "Hard Shoes?
What Music should I practice to?
What is the class routine, pick up and drop off schedule?
How do I contact Clare McInerney or the McInerney School?
How do I get to the practice locations?

Class Locations
Most classes are held at our studio at 65 Southbridge St, Auburn, MA 01501
We also hold classes on Tuesdays at the McKeon Center in Hopedale.  See below for directions. 

Class Schedule
The earliest classes are held in mid afternoon and contunue at 45 minute intervals for just soft shoe and1 hour intervals for both hard and soft shoes.
The are arranged based on the age and experience of the dancer.  The start and end times vary with the day and are determined when the registrations have been received.

3:45pm -Pre-Beginner and Beginner
4:30 pm- Advance Beginner/ Novice
5:30- PW/ Prelim
7:00 - Open


4:30- PW/Prelim
5:30- PW/Prelim

4:15- Pre Beginner and Beginner
5:00 - Advance Beginner/Novice
7:00- Open

Lesson Cost
Tution will be due on September 1st and February 1st .  Any payment not received by the 15th will have late charge.   (We moved the January payment to Feb to take the pressure off of Christmas.)  Additionally, feis Practices cost $10.00 each, payable that day.  Oireachtas participants pay a fee for extra classes and tuition.   From time to time workshops will be offered and the cost will be determined at that time.   Refunds are not available, you may reschedule any missed classes including Holidays..
There is an annual registration fee of $40 per dancer.

One class a week per dancer            $250  each semester
Two classes a week per dancer        $425  each semester
Three classes a week per dancer      $600  each semester

If tution is not paid by the 15th of September and January there will be a late fee of $25 added onto the tution.

Sibling discount applies after 2nd child.

Classes cancelled due to inclement weather or holidays can be made up.  Cancellations will be posted on the web site.

All classes can be made up if it is arranged with Clare in advance.  Please e-mail her or call her if you have to miss a class.  Even if you know she is at the location with the classes, please leave her a message.

What should I wear to class?
Beginning in the Fall of 2005 all dancers will wear the class uniform each week.  This uniform consists of school logo shorts and t-shirt or tank-top and poodle socks.  Orders will be taken throughout the year for new uniforms.  Please watch the site for more info. 

All dancers should have the shoes appropriate for their class. --either soft shoes, "gillies" or both the gillies and the hard-shoes.  See the Costume Page for more information on shoes. 

If you are considering starting your young child in Step Dancing Class, consider their maturity level as well as their age.  They should be able to pay attention for a 45 minute class, and they must be comfortable in the classroom without a parent present.   Feel free to talk to Clare about your child's readiness.   
Click Here for the Beginners Page

Throughout the year, we are invited to perform at several events and parades, particularly around St. Patrick's Day in March.   Some of the activities are open to all dancers and they will be posted in the classes as well as on the web-site. 
The "March Madness" dancers attend special practices for the performances in that season.  Information on that will also be made available.

Costumes are not required for lessons.  Many students never purchase a traditional costume and get years of enjoyment from their dance lessons.  However, dancers who wish to participate in performances will need to have a costume.  Dancers at the early levels may participate in feiseanna wearing the school skort/blouse/headband uniform under certain circumstances.  Discuss it with Clare if you have any questions, and check the Costume Page for more details. 

Starting "hard-shoes"  is always an exciting step for dancers.  There is not specific year of dance that starts the hard-shoe steps.  It is a matter of skill, age and experience.  Some students take years to be ready for the move and others do not.  It is a much more difficult step and can cause a great deal of frustration if started too early.  Mary will let you know when you are ready!   Ask her if you have any questions. 

If possible, it is good to practice to the same music used in class.  Here is one of the commonly used Albums, particularly for the first few years.  Ask in class if you have a question.  They are available in many locations including the Wexford house, and through Sean Hastings.
Pat King with Brian Grant, Irish Dancing 
Tempo series.

Students should come in to the class ready to dance, with appropriate shoes already on.  Many dancers wear clogs, sandals or even sneakers right over the gillies coming in from the parking lots.  When one class is dismissesd, the next class will walk in to the class and start the warm-up right away.  Parents, grandparents and other interested persons--Please wait outside the door and allow the students to come and go.  I'd love to chat but it takes away from the class and that is what we are here for.  Please e-mail me or call me if you have any questions--or even a funny story to share!  We appreciate your co-operation in this matter. 

Clare McInerney can be reached via e-mail at 

Directions to class sites: Auburn Studio: :65 SouthBridge St. Auburn, Ma
Located on the second floor in the red building
The McKeon Center in Hopedale: