The Gaelic Word "Feis" (pronounced fesh) means Festival.
Feiseanna (fesh-en-ah) is the plural of feis.
Feis Schedule
A Traditional Feis would include performances and competitions in many areas, from Music and Dance to the Irish Language and Irish Bread.  The Fleadh Ceol, held annually in Ireland is remniscent of the Old Irish Festivals.
For Complete Feis Listings: 
New England Area Feiseanna

Complete US Listing
These sites will direct you to the host school or organization.  Please print syllabi directly from these sites and submit.  Copies are also available at the studio. 

Watch for closing dates, caps and late fees when completing the form. 
Also, watch the feis age....the age the dancer is on January 1st of a given year.  Most competitions go by the "Under" age, so a child born in 2004 has a feis age of 9 and competes with the U-10s. (in 2014)
In some cases, ages will be combined.  If your age group is not listed on the syllabus, go the first age group above yours that is listed. 

If you have any question about the level or particular dance you child should be entered in, please contact Clare before submitting the form as most feiseanna charge a fee to make a change or won't allow you to do it at all. 

Feis411 is also a great resource for  feis forms, notifications and results. Also check efeis, feisweb, Facebook, and Twitter for up coming  feis listings

All Dances, solo or team, need to be approved by Clare before the feis. 
You are representing our school and we want you to be well prepared and to put your best foot forward. 
Thank You!

Feel free to print and submit feis syllibi.  If you are unsure of which dances to enter, please talk to Clare before your class.

Some syllibi will continue to be available at class. 

Please let Clare know which competitions you hav entered. 

Likewise, if you do not attend a feis you have registered, please let Clare know at class. 

Feis Ages for 2015
Birth Year ~ Feis Age

1996   U-19
1997   U-18
1998   U-17
1999   U-16
2000   U-15
2001  U-14
2002  U-13
2003  U-12
2004          U-11
2005  U-10
2006  U-9
2007                U-8       
2008                U-7

Contact Clare

Feis Name (School/Sponsor)

AUGUST   The Catskill Feis  Aug. 1st  East Durham, NY Entry on Feis Web (7/28/15)
                  The McInerney Feis Aug. 8th Worcester. Ma Entry on EFeis (7/26/15)
SEPTEMBER -  (Horgan Feis) Consitution State Feis  Sept. 5, 6th Middlebury, CT Mail in registration
                          New England Autumn Feis Sept 27th Pembroke, MA        QuickFeis
OCTOBER - Torrington Feis  Oct. 10,- 11th   Burlington, CT    FeisWeb
                    Western CT Feis (Gray School)  Oct. 17th  Stamford, CT
                     Neponset Valley Feis  (Harney) Oct. 24th  Walpole, MA
                      Harvest Time Feis ( Heavey-Quinn) Oct. 25th Burlington, MA

NOVEMBER -  Horgan Academy Fall Feis Nov. 14-15th  Naugatuck, CT

                       New England OIREACHTAS  Nov. 20th-22nd Providence RI

DECEMBER -  Holly Feis (Haley & Nevin School) Dec. 6th Randolph,MA
                        O'Shea -Chaplin Christmas Feis   Dec. 13th  Saugus, MA

JANUARY - Fairfield County Championships  Jan. 16th  New Canaan, CT

FEBRUARY - Shamrock School Feis  Feb. 7th  West Hartford, CT

MARCH - World Championshios  March 20th-27th  Glasgow, Scotland




JULY - National Championships July 1st-5th Orlando, FL