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Donations for Bobby and Mary Mac's Children can be made to:

Zona Trust Fund
c/o Shrewsbury
Credit Union
615 Main St
Shrewsbury, MA

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Anyone who is still interested in attending the classes in Auburn please email Clare.
The Zona Family and McInerney Family are looking forward to the 9th Annual McInerney Feis on August 13, 2016.

Thank you to all the many families who are dedicating their time to making the feis a huge success!

We host classes at the McKeon Center in Hopedale. Please click here on the
Frequently Asked Questions page for directions.
.Registrations will be accepted on site at the Hopedale studio
When there is NO School in Worcester ALL dance classes are cancelled.
Please refer to the snow cancellation policy that states when No school in Worcester no classes to be held. 
Mary Mac Dancing in our Hearts Forever!
McInerney Oireachtas News
November 2015 Results
Congratulations all the Oireachtas Dancers who competed in the 2015 Regional Championships in Providence, RI
We are proud of you all! GO TEAM MCINERNEY!
Eme Wyndam 2nd WQ, NQ
Elizabeth Murphy 4th WQ, NQ
Morgan Gentilucci 5th NQ
Caileen Foley 5th WQ, NQ
Megan Stella 7th WQ, NQ
Molly Humphrey 9th WQ, NQ
Maeve Cahill 9th WQ, NQ
Olivia Burnes 11th NQ
Dara Gadbois 16th NQ
Emily McClure 16th NQ
Keeley Zona 16th NQ

Erin Murphy 19th NQ
Keira Gentilucci 20th NQ
Anna Wyndam 20th NQ
Grace Kelley 21st NQ
Maggie Dowd 23rd NQ
Norah Garvey 29th
Maggie McGovern 30th
Maggie Burton 38th
Anmarie Huggett 44th
Maeve Wiser 45th
Special Congrats to the McInerney Solo dancers and Team dancers  who competed in the National Championships in Providence, RI this July 2015!  
Ailene Barry, Cate Barry, Casey Bartley, Karlie Beamenderfer, Avery Bergeron, Brooke Bergeron, Fallon Bergeron, Julia Burnes, Olivia Burnes, Maggie Burton, Maeve Cahill, Allie Donahue, Maggie Dowd, Sophie Driver, Caileen Foley, Maggie Franks, Norah Garvey,
Dara Gadbois, Keira Gentilucci, Morgan Gentilucci, Mary Gibbons, Sophie Gibbons,
Elizabeth Guertin, Sam Gulachenski, Mackenzie Hagearty, Ann Henrickson, Sigrid Hiser, Anmarie Huggett, Molly Humphrey, Sarah Hurley, Grace Kelley, Erin Lincoln, Caitlin Lynch, Emily Mc Clure, Maggie McGovern, Elizabeth Murphy, Erin Murphy, Eileen O'Brien,
Ainslee Rice,  Jacqueline Sharry, Meghan Shea, Katelyn Smith, Megan Stella, Alice Tremba, Maeve Wiser, Anna Wyndam, Eme Wyndam, Jen Zollo, Keeley Zona
Clare's email address :

Notes from Clare
Congratulations to our World Qulifiers
  who will be competing at Worlds in April 2016 in Glasgow, Scotland !
Results of the 
National Championships 2015
U18-  Olivia Burnes- 42nd
U17- Erin Murphy- 20th
U17- Caitlin Lynch- 33rd
U17 - Megan Stella - 35th
U15- Grace Kelley-55th
U12- Emily McClure-46th
U12-Maeve Cahill-46th
U11-Molly Humphrey -36th
U10-Eme Wyndam 23rd
U20- Elizabeth Murphy -33rd
Senior Ladies Eileen O'Brien - 30th WQ

U8  8 hand -3rd
                                U8  mix 4 hand - 3rd                                     U8  4 hand- 4th
U15th  8 hand - 6th
U10  4 hand- 7th
U12  4 hand - 7th
15+  8 hand - 7th

Eme Wyndam,  Elizabeth Murphy,  Caileen Foley,  Maeve Cahill,  
Molly Humphrey, Megan Stella, Belle O'Brien  who represented
the McInerney School  at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland 2016!

Congratulations to our U10 8-hand Team who placed 18th

Maggie Dowd, Molly Humphrey, Eme Wyndam, Keira Gentilucci, Dara Gadbois, Mary Gibbons, Anna Wyndam, AllyBarry


So proud of Eme, Molly, Maeve, Megan, and Elizabeth who competed at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland!
Congratulations Eme Wyndam, Maeve Cahill, Megan Stella, and Grace Kelley for qualifying for the World Championships in Dublin 2017!
The McInerney Feis has a temporary change of date this year to October 29th, 2016 same location at the DCU in Worcester.
Click here for the 2016
McInerney Feis Syllabus