Seamstress & Dressmaker Information
Headbands:  Fill out an order form below.  At the studio these are pinned to the bulletin board.  The cost for headbands is $12.00  Scrunchies $3.00 (not needed with wigs)
*** This is the braided headband suitable for the skort outfits/or purple dresses. The embroidered headband is available to those with purple dresses and required of ceili teams.

You can order a headband/scrunchie by sending an order form to
Elizabeth Lynch, 78 Pilgrim Ave, Worcester, MA  01604. 
Indicate your daughter's day and time of class and Elizabeth will deliver it to the next class after receipt of check. 

Our school seamstress
is Elizabeth Lynch. 
She will handle all of the following:

Managing the sales of used school costumes
Any necessary alterations
Orders for school headbands
And Solo Dresses

Elizabeth will schedule appointments as needed. 
Contact her directly at:  or at 508-736-1007. 
Elizabeth also makes solo dresses for all levels,  her blog is

Please wear a bathing suit or tank top and shorts to the appointment as these fittings have to be done in the waiting area in the studio. 

A Local Solo Dressmaker from our school is Jean Olsson.
Jean Olsson makes solo dresses for ALL levels of Irish Dance. She has worked with world qualifiers and local dancers to make them their own dream dress. 
Contact Jean Olsson:

  Cell: 508-517-1998
This file is a Microsoft Word Document. If you cannot open this link please contact Elizabeth Lynch via email or pick up an order form at the studio.

Also Check Out Jean Olsson's New Website
Elizabeth Lynch's  Headband Order form Click here