Skort and Blouse sets :  Use the French Toast link to make your order. 
Order the Long Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse with lace trim collar
(order # 1115 + letter for size)
and the 3-tab button front skort in green. 
The toll-free # for French Toast in 1-800-373-6248
To complete this costume you will need
the school headband, scrunchie and poodle socks.

*** There are many skort/blouse sets available on the Marketplace Page.

Tights: (Worn occasionally for shows)  Bloch footed eudora tights:  (Run-Free)---Black
Bloomers:  Body Wrappers Athletic Briefs---forest green (hunter green)
***These are both available at most dance-supply stores and through
    many internet sites.

The Worldout Warehouse carries the tights and bloomers at 771 Southbridge Street Auburn, MA  phone number : 508-832-7600,

School Headbands and Scrunchies : See the seamstress page. Any questions ask Elizabeth Lynch

Irish Step Dancing Costumes reflect the grandeur and ancient tradition of Irish Step Dancing. 
These dresses are as beautiful and as varied as the dancers themselves, with bright and contrasting colors, lace trim and beautiful shawls.   
The celtic designs are taken from the Book of Kells, where the Gospels were written down and preserved during the dark ages in Ireland. 
Curls, Curls, Curls!!!  --Look at the Curl and Wig Page!

The pictures on the top of this page show some of the beginner girls with their hair curled and some dancers in school costumes with wigs.  This is the older wig style.   Look at the Curl page for more info.
The Costume Page

Every dancer should have the appropriate shoes for their dance level.  It is important to be used to shoes and have them broken in for each child's success.   It is important that the ghillies have a snug fit.
Ghillies (soft shoes) and hard shoes are available through Sean Hastings  and at feiseanna.
Second hand shoes are available much of the time.  See Clare at the start of class if you are interested.

The procedure for ordering NEW school costumes is changing.  Please   talk to Clare and keep an eye on the site.  Thanks.

Second hand school dress sales are coordinated by Elizabeth Lynch.  More info is available in the Seamstress Page

Broaches, earrings :ask Elizabeth Lynch

Save some money!

Check the Marketplace Page for second-hand dance clothes and gear.
Where and how to get the goods!
Mary Devlin
Mary carries Fays Shoes and other Dance Supplies and Music.

Sean Hastings
Sean Hastings sells dance shoes, poodle socks, music CDs and more.  He is available at classes generally on a monthly basis for fittings. 
Check the home page for his schedule.

For More Information call Sean at (508) 797-3773 or (508) 394-8862

Costume Care
...a few hints...

Store the dresses flat.
Some people use clothes-pins or other clasps to hold the pleats in place during storage.  Put a liner between the clamps and the fabric.
If possible, carry the dresses in a bag designed for dresses with a wide skirt.
Do not stack costumes without a peice of cloth or plastic between them ~~ the gems will cause pulls in the fabric.
Do not apply heat (such as an iron) to the school costumes directly.  Use a press-cloth such as a hankerchief.
Go around the gems with the iron as they melt slightly (even with the press cloth) and become dull.
French Toast
Dress Bags:
There are several nice dress bags on the market.  They are recommended for transport to and from feiseanna, but NOT for storing your dress.  Look at the next feis or try some of these sites.
Helen Doyle Bags:

If you know of any others, I'll be happy to post them. E-mail the Web Moderator  Thanks! 
Please click here to read important information  about the school policy on costumes, solo costumes and hair.
Links to sites that sell second-hand solo dresses are at the bottom of this page. 
School Costumes:
Our school costume identifies us when we dance at a competition or in a performance. 

Which costume is for you?  Please click the link at the right for a description of each of the costuming levels.

The Skort Blouse combination is available through French Toast school uniforms.  (no substitutions) Ordering information is further down on this page.  To complete this costume each dancer needs:  a headband (available through Elizabeth Lynch), a scrunchie, poodle socks and the appropriate dance shoes. 
Elizabeth Lynch's  Headband Order form Click here
Also they are now available at Allens Uniform Store on West Boylston St. in Worcester.

The School Dress can be purchased new or used.   Ordering information is below. To complete this costume each dancer must have the following:
School Dress Embroidered Headband (available through Elizabeth Lynch)
School Broaches
Hair clip
poodle socks
appropriate dance shoes

Boys: For performances boys are wearing black slacks with a white button down shirt and a purple tie.  For feiseanna you can wear black pants and a solid color shirt and tie with or without a vest. 

Solo Costumes: These special costumes may be purchased when a dancer qualifies for Prizewinner competition.  Read the Trends/Traditions piece for more information.  All solo dresses need approval before purchase.

The McInerney Dancers will be wearing class uniforms.  These will consist of school logo shorts, t-shirts, poodle socks (for girls) and appropriate dance shoes.   A longer style of  shorts will be added to the order form options with the next order so there will be a choice between those and the cheerleader shorts.
(They won't be the mesh because they were too long.)
Second-Hand Solo Dresses
are available on many sites.  Here are a few most of these websites. These websites are also used for you to sell your previously owned dresses on:
Don't forget that you need Clare's approval before buying any solo dress.   
You may have to refresh these pages to get the latest info.  

Solos 4 Sale:  Dresses available from our school. has links to message boards and ID related sites
This is a newer sitewith not only solo costume but second-hand boys solo outfits.
scroll down for second-hand supplies on the right.   :  A message board with items for sale.

Maureen Onesti School :

Broesler School

Feis Fayre:

Many Dressmakers list their own dresses for re-sale as well: 
Paddy Kelleher; Jess KnightIsle of Innisfree Deslgns (by Andrea Yeats)Michelle Lewis
There are many more, but these are all that come to mind at the moment. If you see a good site, of if any of these links "unlink", please let me know.

Allens Uniform Store
452 West Boylston St. (Route 12)
Skort and Blouses Newly Available at ...
Click here for Spring WARM UP SUIT ORDER FORMS.
Stay tuned for next order date!
Elizabeth Lynch's  Headband Order form Click here